Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Save the Planet... Save the planet

I note a press release from Godfrey Bloom MEP ridiculing this piece of absurdity from the Parliament,

From: ROMER Harald Sent: 10 February 2009 17:24To: MEP & ASSISTANTS

Subject: Participation of the European Parliament in the campaign "M'illumino di meno" on Friday 13 February 2009


In the context of the fight against climate change, the European Parliament has committed itself to cutting down its carbon emissions by 30% by 2020. This is to be achieved through various activities, based on detailed studies, and under the political guidance of the Bureau.

The European Parliament is also participating in various activities which aim at drawing the attention of European citizens to this goal. In this framework Parliament takes part, under the high patronage of President Pöttering, in a campaign called "M'illuminio di meno" on Friday 13 February 2009.

"M'illuminio di meno", which aims at highlighting the necessity to save energy, is an initiative of the Italian radio Rai Radio2, supported by the Italian Ministry of Environment. By a simple act, using less light, the campaign aims at focusing the attention of the Institutions, media, and citizens of Europe on best energy-saving practices. The day in question, also called "Energy-Saving Day", falls this year during the European Week of Sustainable Energies.

Like the previous year, the European Parliament will play its part in this event by switching off all the outside lights and the maximum possible of inside lights in the buildings at Brussels, Luxembourg and Strasbourg, between 18.00 and 19.30. All of the Members and the staff in these three places of work and in the Information Offices in the Member States are invited to switch off, at the same time, the lights in their own offices.

For reasons of security, certain lights will stay on, even during this period of time.

The Italian initiative has in recent years extended to several famous European monuments and buildings such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Trafalgar Square in London and the Custom House in Dublin.

I would like to thank you for your support in this action, which demonstrates the engagement of our institution in energy-saving practices and in the development of sustainable energy.

Harald RØMER

I will leave it to Godfrey to comment,
Godfrey Bloom MEP (UKIP Yorkshire and Humberside) today took the President of the European Parliament to task for his "pathetic" attempt to wrap himself in green credentials.

"The Parliament is going to turn off some of its lights between 6pm and 7.30 pm on a Friday evening after everybody has left work", said Bloom. "And this is how they aim to achieve a 30% cut in emissions? It would be laughable if it wasn't so pathetic".

In a missive sent to all staff in the Parliament, Harald Romer, the Parliament's Secretary General on behalf of Hans Gert Pöttering the President, has asked that, "All of the Members and the staff in these three places of work and in the Information Offices in the Member States are invited to switch off, at the same time, the lights in their own offices."

"For the last 6 months all the lights in the new, unused building were blaring into the night, despite requests to turn them off and now this. It is a piece of shameless grandstanding and shows how little the institutions really care about energy conservation. But of course, why would they care, they are only wasting taxpayer's money after all", he went on.

"If they were to close down the pointless monthly trek to Strasbourg then we might see some real savings, but of course they wouldn't do that now would they", said Bloom.

Well I couldn't say it better myself

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