Friday, February 13, 2009

Robbery update

Strange noises off on the Parliament robbery.

1) Bloke comes in with make up and wig
2) Holds up bank with what we understand to be a toy gun.
3) Disappears.
4) 50,000 Euros later discovered hidden "very badly" in the building.

Now think about the way in which the Commission was bigging up security risks, causing the normally sonambulent IFJ to get very shirty only the day before and some journalists and others are beginning to smell a rat.

The Instituitions are getting anxious about the rise of Eurosceticism across the continent, particularly in Germany and the East. They are also leaking like a sieve. The have a bad track record with journalists, the more investigative the worse - think the Tillack Affair.

Then suddenly a weird and failed robbery in the Parliament.

An excuse to crack down? Well that is what many here are saying, it is just too convienient.

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