Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Panic in the bars of Berlyamont

It appears that some Commission fonctionaires are unhappy. Is it the general economic climate? No. Is it the prospect of a German Constitutional Court judgement that might kybosh the Lisbon Treaty? No - though I guess one or two are a little concerned.

What is it then? This...

Restaurants - Can't EUREST afford a 2nd 'Illy-suitable' espresso machine for the CHarlemgane Cafetaria?
Some time before Xmas EUREST removed one of the espresso machines from the CHAR cafetaria -probably also a Nickelodium like the ones in Berlaymont. After weeks with 'Café de conference' for the price of real expresso, EUREST came up with a tiny little swiss made machine 'Schäfer' that is absolutely useless. No Illy can be processed, no special preparations.

Unbelievable but true - even the normal EUREST coffee gets worse.

Result: Long queues in front of one (Illy suitable) selling place, almost nobody at the other. Recently it even looks as if EUREST would economise the person for the useless machine place.

I cannot imagine that in 21 century in Europe EUREST couldn't find an espresso machine capable to produce decent coffee for people that pay for.

Or is it just another step to make our canteens and restos unpleasant. In the meantime they are steeling (sic) the time of those that insist on certain coffee quality.
Would the OIB care for this?
Dammit, the world is really coming to an end.

(Shamelessly ripped of the internal discussion forum of the EU Institutions. Hat Tip - you know who you are)

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Grahnlaw said...


Finallyyou have found the convincing argument for voting you into the European Parliament - to clean up such incompetence :-)