Thursday, February 19, 2009

Farage on the Klaus Speech


Budgie said...

An excellent comment by Nigel Farage. An excellent speech by Vaclav Klaus. Indeed everything I have heard Farage say, I have agreed with.

But here's the problem. All candidates once elected (MPs, MEPs etc) seem to metamorphose into alien beings who imagine that a handful of votes has made them invincible and omniscient. Or in simple terms: arrogant bastards.

This seems to apply to UKIP MEPs as much as those from the main parties.

Gawain Towler said...

How dare you describe UKIP MEPs as "aggogant bastards" you jumped up little worm?

Or more properly, from my own experience the UKIP MEPs do not suffer quite the same level of delusional self-belief as the other parties, which is refreshing.

There are probklems of course, but that is the nature of the beast.

Budgie said...

Thanks, but you have it the wrong way round. As a Budgie I eat worms. If I'm lucky they do jump up, though.

I have not talked to all UKIP MEPs, but enough to know that what I first posted is true. A pity. It makes it difficult to know who to vote for in June.

Gawain Towler said...

Leaping worms... now there is a youtube all on its own...

I would agree that a problem with our political system, and all political systems of which I know anything about, that the sort of people who get themselves to a position where they are likely to be elected are normally pushy blighters, which, after sucess, often confirms their high opinion of themselves. (Oddly its one of the reasons I liked the old house of Lords - you had a far broader cross section of character types - the commons being filled with pushy types).

Not sure exactly who you are reffering to but I would not pretend that there was some vacine available to immunise a pouitician from arrogance, from whichever side of the spectrum). All I do suggst is that UKIP seems to suffer from the disease in a less virulent form than the others. All of them have had other lives, and none are paid up members of the political class.