Thursday, February 12, 2009

Everybody be cool! This is a robbery.

News just in

The ING bank in the Spaak building of the European Parliament has just been robbed. Apparently somebody just walked through security, wandered uinto the bank, threatened the staff (with what we do not know) demanded they hand over the cash. The cashier did. The thief then calmly picked it up and walked out off the building.

The Parliament security then dashed round the PHS building demanding that everybody lock themselves into their offices.

Me I think it was Tom Wise or Giles Chichester getting lost on their way to the expenses office, but I could be wrong.

Nigel Farage's response was this,

"Though delighted to hear that nobody was hurt during today's robbery, I suppose the Parliament might now understand how the British people feel".

He went on, "A day after the who EU institutional structure got excited about the prospect of long-legged blonde haired 'Mata Hari's' wandering around the place, a real live crime happened under its very nose. It really doesn't say much for the security system now does it?"

EU Observer is reporting that the felon was wearing a wig and makeup... Nah, I reckon it was a chicken suit


Mike said...

but at least the robber didn't try to get into the canteen before 1.30

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