Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Duncan Stewart: Know it all bigot and all round skunk

Not being Irish, and not having access to RTE at home I had not had the misfortune to alight upon this all round waste of rations

TV environmentalist Duncan Stewart said: “The government can make this easier for all of us by just banning the practice of smoking in cars transporting children – and people will comply with this.”

Get a load of that "people will comply with this". Arrogant, dictatorial, authoritarian in the extreme. Of course he is an expert in the field of epidemeology - no, he is an architect.

Or is he a politician? Here he is campiagning for the Yes to Lisbon.

Is there anything he doesn't know. For that matter is there anything on which he is right.

Ghastly statist, autodictat.


Dick Puddlecote said...

Totally unenforceable, just like the EU law on child seats which has been ignored by UK police forces.

The guy is an arse.

Anonymous said...

You are lucky sir that you don't get RTE.

Much as I'm proud to be Irish, many of my compatriots are away with the fairies when it comes to climate change.