Friday, February 27, 2009

CSU in desperate stakes goes scep

The German - well OK Bavarian centre right party is in all sorts of trouble right now. They curremtly have 9 sitting MEPs including some big hitters in the Parliament like Inigo Freidrich. Due to a change in the way that the European Parliament election's are being held in Germany, they stand to lose all 9, despite still picking up over 40% in their home, and Germany's most populous Lande, Bavaria. This time they have to get over 5% of the whole of Germany's vote.

Of course this means that their sister (and have you ever seen sisters together, it can get pretty brutal at times) party the CDU will be the only one holding the flame of Christian Democracy in Germany, and they quite like that.

Add to that the spectre of Libertas Germany standing possibly with Count Von Stauffenburg (former CSU federal MP - and a chap with a resonant name) at top of the list and their is massive pressure on the old party of Bavaria.

So what do they do, first Edmund Stoiber suggests that he will ride to the flailing party's rescue by sitting at the top of their Euro list.

Now we hear that current party leader, Horst Seehofer has been talking referenda. No not on the Lisbon Treaty - though that would cook Libertas's goose in the Lande - but over Turkish entry into the European Union.

Now everybody knows that Merkle and the CSU see eye to eye on their not wanting Turkey through the portals of the Berlyamont (Germany would lose its position of country with most weight - and would have to pay for the privilage), but the word referendum is a dangerous one in German politics. Particulary in the light of the deliberations of the Constitutional Court.

Interesting times indeed in Barvaria.

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