Monday, January 12, 2009

Smoking makes you go mad!!!

This is from the Scottish Executive's consultation on,
"Achieving smoke-free mental health services in Scotland"

It is always good I think to have your desired result in the title of the consultation document, don't you? It saves us the bother of thinking for ourselves. Anyhow here are some of the findings. I have highlighted the bit that has made my eyes pop out.
Links between smoking and mental health problems
• People with mental health problems are more likely to smoke, and to smoke more heavily.
• This is true of people living in the community, but the trend is much more marked among people living in mental health units.
• Studies have shown significantly higher levels of heart disease and breathing conditions among people with mental health problems, likely to be caused by their
• It is not yet clear why people with mental health problems smoke more. For some, smoking may play a role in the development of the illness. It is also possible that some people smoke to self-medicate, or to help counter side-effects of their medication.

That is one of the more mendacious findings. Go on, read the whole thing. Methinks it is likely to cause huge problems in the short to medium term. Anything up to the tragic death of a psychaitric worker. I pray this does not happen, but I would give prety short odds on trouble.

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Bob Feal-martinez said...

Now there was me thinking being mad, made you smoke.

Seriously though you just cannot make these things up. It seems the NHS in Essex is now targeting primary school children, so as to 'get at their parents.