Sunday, January 25, 2009

Oooo, here's a clever new gadget has just been launched as a one stop web aggregator of EU related blogs. It has been set up by Jon Worth and Stefan Happer of Politik Portal withy assistance from elsewhere.

What’s the idea? Essentially we aggregate the content of 278 blogs about the EU in all European languages and all that content is available on the ‘Posts‘ page of the site. But that’s no good in itself - we want the good content to gain pride of place on the site. So a team of diligent editors flags up this good content, and this appears as the ‘Editors’ Picks’ on the homepage of the site.

Given its provenance one might conclude that it will be largely a supportive portal, but Mr Worth suggests that some balance will appear.
There is no large Brussels media business backing us, and we’re not in any way tied to any sponsors because, well, we don’t have any.

We’re also not just ‘pro-EU’ - we won’t include posts if you just think the EU is some sort of conspiracy but we welcome a critical perspective.

But Jon, I don't think that the EU is some sort of conspiracy, I know it is...


Jon Worth said...

OK, maybe I ought to rephrase... Even those that think the EU is a conspiracy, but either know what they are on about or have a sense of humour can be included! :-)

Gawain Towler said...

You are so kind