Friday, January 16, 2009

The Czechs strike again

This time it is civil liberties,

The Czech EU presidency has set a deadline of the end of June to either go ahead or scrap a multi-million-euro security database upgrade to the bloc's border-free area due to technical difficulties and delays.
The Schengen Information System II (SIS II) was supposed to be up and running by 2007 and interconnect comprehensive passport and police databases from all 25 members of the Schengen border-free area.
For anybody interested in civil liberties this has to be a good thing. However the Czechs just don't seem to understand the 'Community method' do they. They turn up, look at a dossier, see that it is running years behind schedule and millions over budget and say.
"This doesn't work. Lets scrap it".

Whereas seasoned Community types take a very different view. Here is convicted felon and EU Justice commissar Jaques Barrot's take,
"It's true that there is a bit of a delay, but we'll fix a schedule and we'll stick to it," EU Justice Commissioner Jacques Barrot said.

And it will be up and running when Galileo is operational.

Of courtse the day before the Council meting, MEPs showed that they are fully attuned to the realities by voting 594-51 in favour of,
the introduction of biometric passports throughout the EU later this year


Michael Heaver said...

Yeah but Gawain what you're forgetting yeah is that like David Cameron is a proper quality eurosceptic so he'll just come in all angry and be like no this is dangerous and stupid and undemocratic and then we'll get a proper good deal.

(Forwarded to me from William Vague.)

The Aunt said...

Do we really get databases from all of the countries, or will one country make a gigantic snap-out database that offends everyone?

Gawain Towler said...

My dear Aunt,
Methinks that it is a special snap out one, the Bulgarians have already removed theirs in a bate and the Italians are getting a little over excited