Thursday, December 18, 2008

Albanian Greens

What the heck is all this about? It came through the system and I am struggling to comprehend.
Dear friends, as many of you know already, I have been from 06./07. December at Tirana to support the Green Party at a conference where more than 70 interesting engaged people attended and media paid attention, too. It was agreat success for the Albanian Greens. The main topic of the conference was related to the new electoral code of the country which strikes the possibilities for small parties to run for election (1% of eligiable voters of each region or City have to give their proven signature- otherwise the party cannot have candidates!!) and secondly the "secrete" agreement between Berlosconi and PM Berisha to construct power stations( coal and nuclear!!), raffineries, habours etc. at the coast line of the albanian adriatic and to transmitt the energy by sea cable to Italy. As Albania is not yet member of EU, there will not be the obligation for Environmental Impact Studies etc. ! This causes a lot of concern among the Greens and their supporters and they plan huge campaigning at the whole region. but there is a lack of money for such a campaign! There are also discussion ongoing to involve Greenpeace for official actions.
therefore I kindly ask you to consider YOUR support for them - if you have some Cents left over at the end of the year.

The Albanian Green Party is now full member of EGP and there members have proved themselves as reliable partners.

Let us together prevent that Italy as member State is exploying Albania due to their poore economic situation while destroying the beautiful environment at the Albanian coast!

If YOU- as Sepp Kusstatscher and myself did already- are willing to give some financial support, there are the necessary informations:

OK so the Albanian Green party wants funds (I guess this is the infamous Obama fund raising technique). Fine, no problem there. But what for? To ensure that the Albnanians stay unemployed and that Europe continues to suffer an energy crisis that will leave thousands of people dead over this winter duie to a increased fuel bills (exacebated by the new climate change package) and a cold winter.

Bloody madness

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