Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Choices, choices.

This week the Tory delegation get to vote on their new delegation leader. This man will be responsible for the European Election campaign for next year.

And whose hats are in the ring?

Step forward

Timothy Kirhope - again
James Elles

Yes you read that right James Elles, what is more James is being supported by the Eurosceptric wing of the party. They believe that they have a promise from him to give them posts, PPS, Whip etc.

However they made that style of deal before when they supported the extremely able and extremely Europhile Jonathan Evans for leader. He won, and then proceded over a few months to strip himself of the Eurosceptic cordon sanitaire. Will history repeat itself?

Oh and the leader will also be largely responsible for running the negotiations with other national delegations to create the new Tory Group after the European Elections. Timothey has a track ecord of failing to do this in the past, and Elles...

And the winner is...

Timothy Kirkhope.

Pity poor James Holtum, The current - and lets be honest rather effective Tory Press Officer was in a previous life Tory Press officer, when Kirkhope was last leader of the delegation. He didn't keep the job for long. Oh dear.


One Tory MEP to another
"You've haerd the news, Kirkhope won"
"Oh shit!"
"Yes that is what i said"

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