Thursday, October 09, 2008

In Europe, run by Europe

The Tories splits over Europe just don't go away.

Today they were split over making the EU flag and its motto 'united in diversity' compulsory at all Parliamentary sittings. The anthem "Ode to Joy" must also be played for visits of heads of state and government. European leaders were also strongly urged to make 'Europe Day', 9th May, a European public holiday.

Whilst most Tories did oppose the plans two, Caroline Jackson and Chris Beazley voted in favour.

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Rifleman said...

'United in Diversity'? From the way the various heads of government have been acting and talking over the last week, I think 'Diverse in Disunity' might be more apt.

And, for an anthem, I think a suitable piece can be found in 'The Planets Suite', by Holst; 'Mars: The God of War'. The approaching and unstoppable threat of the theme, built over that ominously menacing bass line, fits the present circumstances to a tee.

Straight out of the third volume of 'The Lord of the Rings'!