Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Hmmm... anybody else concerned by this?

This week a woman called Lisa Ring was fined £500 and sacked afterr being convicted of racially aggravated harassment in Harlow, Essex.

She had been reported by a 15 year old girl who has just been commended (anonymously) by the police for her actions.

It appears that a black toddler in Ms Ring's care was playing with a banana and Ms Ring made some monkey noises. Ms Ring a 37 year old mother of two claims she was just having a bit of fun and playing with the child.

The police said,
"This young woman exposed a very nasty piece of racist behaviour - which, without her, would have gone unnoticed. We thank for her actions. She deserves every credit. It's an excellent example of how the community and the police should work together."
Hold on, just a moment. In the past I have played with my own 'disturbingly white' children. At times they have played with bananas (they shouldn't play with their food, I know that) and I have made monkey noises. (They love the Jungle Book - King of the Swingers and so on). That I take it is no problem.

So the same action, with no doubt the same delighted response from the child (of course I wasn't there, maybe the child was screaming in indignation, though at 18 months I doubt it) was made by Ms Ring.

"a very nasty piece of racist behaviour".

Ye Gods, beating somebody up because they were black, indeed making monkey noises at somebody because they are black, yes that would be racist. Playing with a baby and making monkey noises due to the presence of a banana - case unproven. The statement by the police, applauding the actions of the 15 year old seem a part of a moral, and politically correct policing that has no place in British society, it seems overbearing and slightly sinister.

Reading a little more it appears that there were further allegations about the incident, all of which were denied byu Ms Ring. I still feel the Police's comments were heavy-handed and sinister.


Anonymous said...

Bananas and freedom gang thegither as we celts say in Europe!

Derek Bennett EU-Sceptic said...

I followed a car this morning which, as most parents seem to do these days, had one of those little signs in the back, you know the sort of thing: 'Princess on board' etc.

This one had: 'Cheeky monkey on board' and was being driven by a West Indian lady. I wonder if anyone will tell her she is a racist and prosecute her for it?