Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Debate Europe - but only if you agree

Debate Europe is part of the infamous Plan D, one of the European Commission's outreach activities. It invites the citizens of Europe to take part,

Help give direction to the future of Europe. Join in any number of debates and give us your views on the challenges facing Europe today.
Do you think it's going in the right direction? Are the institutions making a difference
where it really counts? Are they being overly meddlesome in trivial areas and not meddlesome enough in others, such as securing jobs and protecting consumers?
Where do you stand on the climate change debate?
Where do you see Europe's borders ending? Take this opportunity to play your part in defining the road ahead.
It has a forum where you can leave your impressions. The problem is that many ofthe posters on the forum, and looking around probably a majority are Brits who support a withdrawaluist position. This seems to have got up the noses of some supporters of the project as this email to UKIP head office suggests.

Good day,

UKIP members are posting UKIP posts in the European Union forums discussing European mattershttp://europa.eu/debateeurope/index_en.htm

It's great that there's a party that these people feel oblidged to share with the rest of
us, but it's not a place to promote any political party by posting links to youtube Video clips op UKIP meetings and people.

For one, it's tacky

It's the eqivalent of political spam.

There may of course be regulations within our cherished EU institutions that prohibit party political "campaining" especially using the equipment and networks of those that the posters are opposed to.

I'm sure you wouldn't appreciate it and have issues with the Labour party posting
their video links in the UKIP member forum website.

Best Regards

Maurits van Eijck

Whoah there Maurits. Firstly what do you expect the party to do, send out instructions to its members to stop involving themselves in the public debate?

Next and more importantly are you seriously suggesting that on a taxpayer funded forum, that tells the world it wants to encourage debate that there should only be the officially sanctioned viewpoint?

Isn't that a little dictatorial, maybe?

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