Thursday, September 11, 2008

More Euro building problems

As we all know and have sniggered about the Parliament's Strasbourg HQ has had a few troubles of late. But I can hereby reveal the reason behind the mystery of the new wing of the Brussels building and why it is over a year behind.

The new building, currently called BD5 is a 39,000 sq metre extension full of offices and large conference rooms. And was supposed to have been open over a year ago. It being Belgium and the Parliamentr nobody has really bothered to find out why. It has been just generally accepted. However extra interest has been garnered of late as it was designed by the same chappy who was (i) responsible for Strasbourg's collapsable ceiling.
So imagine my interest when some engineering type chap started poking about in my offices cieling. Following a que from a collegue whose office had only just been tampered with I asked what he was doing and why.
"Checking the wiring"
"You see we cannot afford to have another fire like we did in the new building. There was an electrical fault "
Ah, now that explains it.

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