Monday, July 07, 2008

Taking the Gravy Train

So I turned up dutifully to board the morning's TGV to Strasbourg. Sadly however only 600 of the 800 seats were taken, despite the fact that some journalists and others were being refused spaces last week. (Indeed the travel office started panic calling some people begging them to take up a ticket).

As we arrived in Strassbourg five coaches sat idle as there were no passengers to fill them. Pleasingly however their were knots of dark-glassed, ear-pieced security details to enssure we had no dealings with locals.

This of course was all we had hoped for. However the greeting document placed on every seat took the biscuit. I think Thalys are trying to say they are good Europeans, but you decide,

Beyond a symbol of the European construction Thalys became there an actor recognized in its domain. At a moment when it seems more than ever necessary to restore the trust and envy for Europe, at a moment when it is necessary to show
that there are solutions to hold the objectives 2020 of the sustainable development pertaining to mobility. I am delighted with all those who make the sucess of Thalys to have you aboard our trains today, and I thank you for it.

Jean-Michel Dancoisne

CEO Thalys International

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