Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Euro Maths

The Foundation Robert Schuman is a wildly pro-European think tank in part funded (I believe by the European Union) and has just published this response to the Irish NO vote,
A poll undertaken just before the election revealed that the Irish would finally say "no" to the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty for which they had been called to vote on 12th June. A majority (53.4%) voted against the European text in comparison with 46.6% who said "yes" to ratification. Most of the Irish decided not to vote on the issue since nearly one in two (46.9%) did not go to ballot.
So there you have it 46.9% = Most if you are a federalist.


Mike Wood said...

Slightly higher turn-out than the second Nice referendum. Back then, of course, just under 50% turn-out was a huge vote of confidence and showed that the No vote had just been due to low turn-out.

Central Scrutiniser said...

The 46.9% who did not vote would have voted 'yes'. Add that to the 46.6% who did vote 'yes' and you have a staggering 93.5% 'yes' vote.

Eurosums work differently. As any fule kno.