Saturday, March 22, 2008

As ye sow, so shall ye reap

If the French hadn't been so bloody wet about Iran a few years ago then maybe this wouldn't be the problem it is now,

Iran missiles threat to EU
CHERBOURG, France: Europe's security was "at stake" because countries like Iran were increasing the range of their missiles, French President Nicolas Sarkozy said yesterday.

"Everyone should be aware today that nuclear missiles of countries, even if they are far away, can reach Europe in less than half an hour," he said in a defence policy speech as he inaugurated a new nuclear submarine named The Terrible.

"Today, only the major powers have such means. But countries in Asia and the Middle East are rapidly developing ballistic capacities," he said. "I am thinking in particular of Iran.

Or maybe and I am being cynical this is precisely the result hat the French were after. 'Iran is scary', following recent, 'climate change will cause mass immigration' and other such excuses foir demanding a fully fledged European Army.


Anonymous said...

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El Draque said...

The submarine is called "Terrible"?I suppose it doesn't mean in French what it sounds like in English. It doesn't exactly put the fear of God into you, with a name like that.

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