Sunday, March 02, 2008

(Projected) Tory spending wars

As if in confirmation of Simon Heffer's comments yesterday,

The Tories gave the impression on Thursday that they would like to spend an extra £28 billion a year on the NHS. This is the same party that has bullied its defence spokesman into not talking about the far more obvious need to fund our Armed Forces properly, something that even just £4-5 billion would help put right. This is the party that struggled to locate the £3.5 billion needed to pay for its promises to cut stamp duty and inheritance tax. So where is this massive sum - equivalent to 9p on the basic rate of income tax - supposed to come from?
Liam Fox the Tory, shadow defence secretary has been interviewed by the Sunday Telegraph saying that it would be "inconceivable" that the defence budget could be cut while the forces were still fighting a war in Afghanistan.

After Lansley, Shadow Health had made his comments promised that health budget could rise by 2% as a proportion of gross domestic product - an increase of £28 billion. What with Osborne committing the Tories to Labours spending plans for three years the cuts will have to come from somewhere.
On being reminded of Lansley's words, Fox said,

"I just think it is a timely reminder of the need to be very disciplined and careful when discussing any spending plans... But I find it inconceivable that the Conservatives would cut the defence budget while we are still fighting a war. There is no question of cutting defence."
It not not having cuts that is required is increase in spending, and increase in spending on the things that will help us fight the wars we are fighting.

From this interview it appears that the Tories are so busy fighting their own civil war to realise the needs of our servicemen in theatre.

What on earth are they playing at?

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