Monday, March 03, 2008

Pressure mounts on Parliament

Slowly but surely pressure is mounting on the European Parliament to reveal the dodgy dealings of its MEPs. The latest plank of the scaffold has suprisingly been laid by the former President of the Parliament, the Irishman Pat Cox.

In an exclusive interview with EUpolitix he has said,

"Has there been fraud and, if so, to what extent?” he asked.
“Of course, I am not privy to the auditor’s report but I have followed the recent
publicity with interest, not least because I helped steer through parliament the
reforms to the system which will be introduced next year.

“Parliament has a right to fight fraud and it is right that it has gone to Olaf where I hope the matter will be fully investigated.”

Cox, now president of European Movement, added, “One thing is for sure, this sort of thing does not reflect well on parliament.”

In many ways this is the point that Chris Davies worked out from the start. If you are a federast then it is in your interest that justice is done and seen to be done. Us Euro-realists can make hay whilst the sun shines.

This story has a lot further to go, and and lot more to reveal. You will of course, like before, read it here first.

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