Thursday, March 13, 2008

Can't tell, or won't tell?

Is it important that those who teach our children are capable of stringing a few words together? Well being old fashioned I would have thought so. Is this the sort of thing that HMG should be aware of? It seems that the Government don't really want to know,
Lord Pearson of Rannoch
Further to the Written Answer on 31 of January, what proportion of entrants to Bachelor of Education degree courses are candidates with less than two A-levels; what is the average A-level attainment of those entrants; and what is the overall average A-level attainment of all entrants, including candidates with less than two A-levels, in table 1 of the Answer.
Baroness Morgan of Drefelin
The attainment of trainees who enter initial teacher training with less than two A-levels is not separately identified.
Why the Devil not? Given that we are regulated, checked and assessed every minute of our working lives. Would it not be reasonable to assume that the Government have a clue as to how many near illiterates are being co-opted into our education system?

Apparently not.


Mike Wood said...

Is it not time that somebody taught these Peers to speak English as she should be spoken?
"Less than" refers to amounts; "fewer than" refers to quantities.
I blame the Government.

North Jnr said...

Anonymous said...

The Baroness tells porkies - this information will be held by UCAS because they administer the university (i.e. degree) entry system and keep quite extensive ecords in their system. I think this is a clear case or won't tell!