Wednesday, March 05, 2008

10 Priorities

I shall bore you now. The Tories political Group in the European Parliament have launched their pre-election manifesto. Called Ten Priorities it lists what it is that the EPP-ED will be campaigning on in next year's Euro poll.

Making Europe a global Player
The EPP-ED Group supports the active implementation of the EU’s Common Foreign and Security Policy.
A Europe of 27 requires a coherent foreign and security policy to better deal with the challenges of the 21st century and to better promote its values.
The Group is in favour of boosting Europe’s security and defence capacity and enhancing its capacity to act in the world.
From my reading that is increased support for such wonders as the European Army.
The EPP family believes that this growth can be stimulated at the European level through better coordination of the economic policies of Member States, especially as regards the implementation of National Reform Programmes
A better coordination of economic and tax policies will help to re-stimulate European economic activity and job creation.
That will be tax harmonisation to you and me. The next one is pretty disturbing,
Furthermore, as a result of economic globalisation, the flow of capital from one country to another can be measured in thousands of millions thanks to the great ease of communications provided by information technologies creating speculative opportunities which could be a source of monetary destabilisation. Particular importance should therefore be given to bringing monitoring methods
more closely into line and increasing European influence on world financial
Which could be read as a serious infringement of civil liberties as the monitoring of all information becomes more pernicious and intrusive.
The reform of the European budget is a priority for our Group, and it will have to be implemented in two stages:
* The first stage requires a review of expenditure, with a simpler calculation of national contributions;
* The second stage, from 2014, will require the introduction of new own resources so as to gradually replace the national contributions.
Direct EU taxation.
Police and judicial resources must be pooled in order to ensure that those
responsible for criminal actions and their consequences find no refuge within
the Union.
The start of an EU police force.

This is all here in black and white is the program of the Tories' Group. When will Tory members realise what is being done in their name over here.

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Chris Palmer said...

A number of the current contingent of Conservative MEPs are actually in favour of that sort of stuff though, or just don't have an opinion (sadly) - that, and the party prevented the members from getting rid of them too.