Friday, February 01, 2008

Two legs good

The Parliament's shop stewards, the Queastors have, I find, acted on Mr Corbett's breach of the rules over the selling of books for profit in the European Parliament.

But what is this? This is not a breach of the rules, because he was not making a profit. How do they know he was not making a profit, because he told thenm he was selling it at cost. Now hold on, John Harper publishing are not a charity. The book is never going to be on any best seller list. They gave the three authors a great stack of books to sell at cost price in the Parliament (which has to be the biggest single market for the book)and charged Corbett and chums cost price for it.

Nothing here makes sense. Authors are customarily given free copies of the book to heand out to friends and bore relations. So were these copies part of the free allocation?

Or did they ruin their only chance to make a profit for the publication by allowing the books to be sold without profit?

Or did Corbett pull a fast one?
I really don't know, but something just doesn't feel right about this.

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