Monday, February 04, 2008

Is Hoon frit?

I haven't written about the I Want a Referendum campaign as of yet. An oversight on my part. Good luck to them.

What is very wierd is what has happened to their planned poll in the Labour seat of Aberconwy. Here is their press release of yesterday,

The Welsh I Want A Referendum campaign has today made the decision not to hold its referendum in the constituency of Aberconwy on the advice of the Labour Party Chief Whip who has informed the campaign that local MP Betty Williams has been very poorly.

I Want A Referendum UK Chairman Derek Scott said: “On the advice of the Chief Whip, we have decided not to hold the referendum in the Aberconwy constituency because Betty Williams has been very poorly, and are now looking at an alternative constituency in Wales where we hope to run the campaign through February. We wish Mrs Williams a very speedy recovery.”

The referendum on the revised EU Constitution is being staged in constituencies across the UK to give voters the chance to have their say on this key issue of democracy and the handing over of greater powers to Europe.

A deecn thing to do, but a significant hit on their resources. The money has already been spent on advertising and organisation. But fair enough. But what is this?
Betty Williams isn't ill at all. According to PA,
Her most recent bout of serious illness came when spinal surgery necessitated a spell in a wheelchair in 1998.
"But that was 10 years ago," she said.
"I'm perfectly healthy.
Seems a little like Labour black ops here.

Then we have the Hoon's treatment of the four Labour supporters of the campaign. Having giving a tongue lashing at a Labour backbench meeting, it appears that the four, Frank Field, Kate Hoey, Graham Stringer and Gisela Stuart are also to be carpetted by what a bunch of senior MPs called the PLP Committee. It looks as if they are to be Mr Brown's own 'whipless wonders'.

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