Friday, February 15, 2008

He's back

A Czech friend sends me this good news,

Prague Czech lawmakers re-elected Václav Klaus Czech president for another five-year term in the third round of the second presidential election where he received a majority of votes and beat his rival candidate Jan Svejnar.

Klaus, who was nominated by the senior ruling Civic Democrats (ODS), gained support from a total of 141 lawmakers , which was the same number as in the first and second rounds.

In the third round of second and open presidential election Prof. Václav Klaus, a candidate of the senior ruling Civic Democratic Party (ODS) beat Prof. Jan Švejnar, supported by the opposition Social Democrats (CSSD) and junior ruling Greens (SZ).

After the first election which took place last week on Friday, MEP Jana Bobošíková (NI) entered into the contest as a candidate of Czech Communists (KSCM) who proposed her on Sunday 10 February just before the Tuesday midnight deadline.

However, Ms.Bobošíková has withdrawn her presidential candidacy and thus improved the chances of Jan Švejnar who contested the post with incumbent President Vaclav Klaus. After the withdrawal Jana Bobošíková told journalists that the Communists would by no means support Klaus. Bobošíková announced her decision only at the end of the debate before the election, in which all three candidates and 15 MPs took part. Bobošíková would not tell journalists whether she would support Klaus or Švejnar in the further stages of the election struggle. "No comment," she said, adding that the Communists have not managed to negotiate sufficient support for

Five years ago, Klaus was elected president by 142 votes in the third round of the third election.
This of course is the exception that proves Harvey's law.

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