Friday, February 29, 2008

Educational Governance in the EU

We are often told that the EU has no say into either health care or education. These things being exclusive national competences. Of course this is hokum.

Next week there is a day conference in the European Parliament being hosted by the EPP/ED group, yes the Tories again, which is as the poster advertising the event makes clear is moving towards taking commands of the uplands of higher education.

The conference will addressed by a host of educational bigwigs an it is, as these things always are about driving the process further, more all encompassing and so on.

The Bologna Process itself is a case study of how these things work over here.
The Bologna Process aims to create a European Higher Education Area by 2010

This is the sort of stuff they are talking about,
A Europe of Knowledge is now widely recognised as an irreplaceable factor for social and human growth and as an indispensable component to consolidate and enrich the European citizenship,

Lets not forget plans for a common European History syllabus and you will see quite how deep the EU wishes to dig into the minds of our children.



It might be a good idea to teach the children to read and write first,before the eu brainwashing about our "common history".

Gawain Towler AKA Elaib Harvey said...

ll rather depends on the texts you use for the initial training.

"The Rasberry Ice Cream War" is a perfect choice