Thursday, January 24, 2008

Whilst one falls another launches the effrontary defence

So farewell then Mr Hain. What is there to say. It will all be said by those better qualified than I.

However this just takes the biscuit,
Livingstone defends mayor's power
Well that is quite a bald statement,

Ken Livingstone has not disagreed with suggestions that his powers make London his "personal fiefdom" - saying it was the best way to bring about change.

As a directly elected mayor he avoided "Sir Humphreys" delaying things like the congestion charge or more police.

I think the point of the Sir Humphreys is to ensure d that due process is followed, but maybe I am mistaken.
Mr Livingstone, under fire over use of public funds, said if Londoners "don't like it they can get another mayor".
It appears to me that Ken has already thrown in the towel if he is making statements like that. It has to be up there with the infamous 1974 'Who runs Britain' campaign of Ted Heath.

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OneLondon said...

The Assembly is directly elected as well but they have no power to control the Mayor. And you are quite right, democracy does not mean that direct election makes you into an absolute dictator for the duration.