Monday, January 21, 2008

So where do they get their information?

Today there was an 'Expert Session' at the European parliament to teach the bureaucrats here the differences between the Constitution and the Lisbon Treaty.

A follow up email was mailed to the staff,
"Dear all,

For those who are interested in getting an English consolidated, comparative version with track changes, please check this hyperlink:

best regards,

Adolfo Barberá"

Of course what is amusing is that this means that the parliament staff will be using the research of Open Europe as their key guide as to the changes, or in the words of Open Europe itself,
"Open Europe's guide argues that the government's claims that the UK has signed up to 'different' version of the treaty are misleading, as the present 'red lines' are the same as those for the original constitution. The guide gives an overview of the main changes brought about by the revised constitution, in areas ranging from foreign policy to justice and home affairs".

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