Friday, January 25, 2008

All in one place

As readers here will know I have, over the last week or so been blogging fitfully about the shocking and arbitrary carrying on that is taking place in the European Parliament. The abuse of power by the elite is quite shocking and I for one no longer feel bound by the law as it is presented by this place and sadly by extension the House of Commons. It has truly lost its legitimacy.

However a thorough round up of the situation has just been posted over on Dan Hannan's blog, and for those of you who value truth and liberty I request you go and read the whole thing. Yes it is lengthy, yes in places it is quite arcane, but it is the complicated threads of our freedoms that are being untied and that by its very nature is arcane.

Go and read the whole thing. Oh yes and thanks for the heads up Mr Hannan.

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Anoneumouse said...

We will have to stitch a yellow star with the words Euro sceptic emblazoned on it, to our breast pockets next.

In fact, this could be a voluntary act by those rebellious MEP's