Friday, December 28, 2007

A little under the radar

Whilst the world is slowly coming to terms with the assassination of Mrs. Bhutto, even Iran has condemned the murder, there is a straw in the wind that augers no good elsewhere.
Iranian Vice-President, Parviz Davoudi has been visiting Tripoli and Djibouti.

The thought of Iran having strategic links with the old French Somalia fills me with foreboding, given that African handkerchief's strategic location, but the noises out of Tripoli are even more worrying.

The cowing of President Gaddafi has been one of the few real gains of the Iraq war but the noises coming out of the meeting yesterday seem to be undermining eve that. Davoudi seems to have taken great pleasure in talking up Iran's nuclear ambitions which can only serve to encourage the Libyan strongman and new best friend of the EU to go recidivist. Though of course the EU will get all sorts of guarantees before it signs a "framework co-operation agreement'. It will won't it?
We had all better watch this space.

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