Saturday, December 29, 2007

Helen takes a breather

Helen over at EU Referendum seems to have taken a Christmas breather in a thoughroughly entertaining swipe at the UN's plans to create a comic book with Marvel and Spiderman. The Hero and chums will, it seems be wandering round the world supporting the Blue Helmets as they fight all sorts of dreadfull things.
Her evisceration of the idea and of Captain Euro acts like a fine dose of Andrew's salts, go read the whole thing.

Sadly she misses my own favourite EU comic book hero, the willowy MEP Irina Vega from Parliament's own foray into the genre, Troubled Waters.

Splendidly I discover today that Ms Vega, the campaigning Green EP shares her name with a Spanish lady shall we say who has a few more fans...


the doctor said...

really should not point me to sites of that nature , think of my blood pressure . Still an interesting lady
our Irina .

Elaib Harvey said...

Sorry about that