Friday, November 30, 2007

Someone declares war on the EU

News that the rebels in Chad have declared war on the EU force is reported as,

Which isn't exactly the case as though the force is largely French in its make up it is in Chad hatted as an EU force or EUFOR TCHAD/RCA as the Jargon goes

The rebels point is that if this force is there in Chad as a peacekeeping force it should remain neutral between belligerents. However as the French have a good relationship with the Chadian government, who allow them to keep a military base their and carry out training, then it is absurd to suggest that the EU force is anything but partisan. Therefore the rebels have a point. Particularly when we learn that French helicopters have been used in concert with government forces over the last week to attack rebel forces.

Sarkozy is bullish about all this and dismisses the threat, but surely there must have been a breakdown in diplomacy here. Peacekeepers can only be deployed if there is peace to keep. If one side in a dispute declares war on the peacekeepers then that rather undermines the mission.

What to me is interesting is whether France is deliberately using the EU for its own sectional military interests in this part of Africa, and if the rebels threats are serious, and we have no reason to think otherwise, then how will other national parts of the EU force (Poland, Sweden, Finland, Spain and Belgium) feel like when the start to die to further French post-colonial ambitions?


Anonymous said...

The first sentence of your commentary contradicts your headline. Written comprehension is clearly not your strong point is it? A little more knowledge of Chad might help with the interpretative aspect but I suggest you concentrate on improving your written comprehension first.

Womble On Tour said...

A war between Chad and the EU ? Blimey, whose side should I join ?

Anonymous said...

The Eradication of National Identity

Elaib Harvey said...

Errr... that is the point, obviously irony isn't your strong point is it?

Anonymous said...

No that's three points.