Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Liverpool City of idiots 2008

What value for money the Liverpool City Council provide their ratepayers. This evening they are hosting a reception celebrating their hosting of the European City of Culture next year. They invited all the North West MEPs and no doubt a whole plethora of EU panjandrums (or should that be panjandra?) to an event which including flights, hotels incidental expenses and so will have cost the ratepayers of Liverpool thousands.

The purpose is to spread the message about 2008," said a spokesperson for the company.'During the reception, the Liverpool 08 team, led by Sir Bob Scott, will deliver a short presentation about the 2008 programme and will also use short films to demonstrate how the programme is also addressing social and community engagement via a range of innovative programmes,' says the invitation.
Which is marvellous, apart from the fact they have invited everyone to a piss up at the UK Representative office in Brussels, while everybody they have invited is in Strasbourg.

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