Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Is Holland to join the Anglosphere?

The reason I ask is this. Firstly I do not know a Dutchman whose English is worse than my own, often far better - that goes pretty well the same for the Flemish of my aquaintance. So imagine my suprise when I read on Klein Verzert that a Dutch centre right party, the VVD allied to the British Lib/Dems in the European Parliament, are setting up a new immigration policy.

VVD MP Henk Kamp wants to reduce immigration as much as possible of people "who not speak Dutch or English". The minimum age of a non-EU marriage immigrant should go up from 21 to 24, to combat arranged marriages. The applicant should also pay a deposit of 7,500 euros, only repayable after five years if no call has been made on social security.
I wonder if the UK should reciprocate? I wonder what the Clegoon thinks?

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