Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Give us another one do

Mr Zapatero is here in Brussels telling us how wonderful he is, and of course how simply splendid the EU is.

I am rather looking forward too this response to this speech from Graham Booth,
Prime Minister, It is a pleasure to see you here in Brussels. You are an exemplar to other European heads of government as a man who allowed your own people to decide whether they wished to have the Constitution. For that you must be applauded.

In the event the people of Spain voted overwhelmingly to support the plans.

What I would like to know is why you have no intention of repeating the exercise? After all you should be confident that you will get a similar result.

Is it because, as you have said the Reform Treaty has "not let a single substantial point of the Constitutional treaty go"?

If so it would stand to reason that you feel there is no need to ask your people the same question twice. Or is it the case, as presented to the British people that the Reform Treaty is so different as to be an entirely separate thing altogether and thus not worthy of the people's consent?

This of course is key to all our futures. Either the political elite don't care what people want, as in the case of Mr Sarkozy and Mr Brown, or they feel that the people are too stupid to make any decision more important than what burger to buy at McDonalds. It seems to me that the European Union is rapidly becoming the world's first post democratic state

I can tell you this Prime Minister, if the European elite do not allow the people to speak, then in the end they will find other ways to make their voice heard.

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