Thursday, November 15, 2007

Bob's busted flush

Yesterday as reported here Bob fired off a letter to Paul van Buitenen claiming that the report into maladministration by OLAF in its handling of the Tillack case would appear in due course. After all the Rt Hon Sir Robert Atkins MEP had requested it and his chums in the EPP, you know the ones that he as a Tory allied to the EPP has such influence over, would bow to his wishes.

Baloney. In today's Conference of Presidents meeting the EPP, the Socialist and the Lib Dem group all backed his ridiculous amendment and the report will never see the light of day.

And so because of Bob's stupidity OLAF has at last got away with having difficult journalists arrested, then pissing around with due process when caught at it.

Well done Bob, well done indeed. What a brilliant, shining celestial light you are, and how well you represent those who elected you. I have a suggestion for you. How about taking your sleek pampered form around to Mr van Buitenen and Mr Diamandouros, the Ombudsman and make a grovelling apology. Oh yes you might also drop Hans Martin Tillack a line explaining how you came to make such a basic and, for good governance, catastrophic error.

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