Monday, October 01, 2007

Telegraph, where are your subs?

Heart in right place, mind somewhere else.

The Daily Telegraph is continuing its campaign to force a referendum on the Constitutional Treaty. To this end it has commissioned a You Gov poll which tells it, to nobodies surprise that 2/3rds of the British public would like a say on their future. So much is hardly news. The detailed figures are interesting with a majority of both Labour (55%) and Lib Dems (59%) supporting the poll, but this is much the same as ever, the millions of those who vote Lib Dem seem to continue to fail to notice that they have a federalist party - not least in the South West.

However I digress, the paper informs us that the PM will, "will head to Brussels on Oct 18 to agree the treaty, ahead of the formal signing in December".

Well he will be bloody bored when he gets there. The meeting is taking place in Lisbon, what with this being the Portuguese presidency and all. What is more the Telegraph will have at least two if not more journalists, who have already booked their flights. What is going on?

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