Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Stinger stung

Sterling work by the Beatroot and EU Referendum on an appalling case of 'agent provocatuerism' by the Daily Mail.
It appears that one Sue Read of that parish was prepared to pay money in order to fabricate evidence of lawbreaking by Poles in the UK.
Go here and here to read the whole story.

Now though they have been caught red handed in what amounts to disgraceful deception, this is hardly novel practice amongst Fleet Street and the injured amour propre of both blogs is, at least to in my opinion a little overdone. To read of similar propensities in the press one only has to think about The Beast.

That the Mail is prepared to dissemble in such a fashion, and to incite, nay pay, for people to break the law must be indictable and I hope that they are charged. (though I suspect the police are too busy breaking down the doors of innocent people to do that).

However this deception notwithstanding there is no doubt that the mass migration of recent years has had an impact upon crime rates, and worse still that impact is being conflated with an increasing distrust and contempt of the law amongst the indigenous British people. As was pointed out by James Bennett in his book "The Anglosphere", what once differentiated Britain in general and England in particular was that it was a high trust society. No longer it seems...

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