Monday, October 01, 2007

Lib Dems on War footing

Sounds like Zanzibar prepares to rout imperialists.

No sooner had Ming posted this inspirational video, than a email missive pings into my in box.

From Lord Renard no less, Lib Dem Campaign supremo,
"I am writing you this email from our newly created "election war-room" in Cowley Street.

We have just had back-to-back meetings of our Shadow Cabinet and Federal Policy Committee to put the finishing touches to our general election manifesto.

Of course, I can't tell you the details just yet. But it will be a very strong document setting our distinctive values with a strong emphasis on the environment.

Throughout this week the General Election Management Team has been planning things like our press conferences and Ming's extensive tour across the country.

The reports from constituencies this weekend are very good. We have had thousands of party members knocking on doors and making telephone calls as part of "community canvass week" Ming himself was out canvassing earlier this week in Scotland as you can see from the film on his website:

Whether Gordon Brown calls the election next week, the following week, or at any time in future - we will be ready !"

I cannot belive that that video is being flagged up in such a way, but they are ready. Oh yes.

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Anonymous said...

Lib Dems on a war footing eh? Recycled wet paper bags all round then.