Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Is Hain thick? Or merely dishonest

Peter Hain, the permatanned, boyo from South Africa has been off my radar for a while. After all it has been a while since he was wittering about how wonderful the EU Constitution. But today, today I am almost forced into the venerable community of swearbloggers by his astonishing claims.
"Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Peter Hain today revealed that his commitment to see more people move from benefits into work was strengthened by seeing statistics from a number of countries around the world showing that being out of work is not only bad for the health and well being of parents, but of their children as well".
Well bend me over and fire pellets at my posterior.
"Since taking up this job, I have been shocked by the statistics I have seen about the impact that living in a household in which the parent or parents do not work. The notion that life without work - whatever the level of income through benefits - is a stress-free experience is not just wrong, it's dangerous".
No Mr Hain, people like you are dangerous.
"A study published in the British Medical Journal showed that the death rate from all external causes for children of parents classified as never having worked or as long term unemployed was 13.1 times that for children of professionals".
"Also the prevalence of psychiatric disorders among children in families whose parents have never worked is around five times greater than those with parents in professional occupations.
"And while overall the rates of deaths from injury and poisoning in children have fallen in England and Wales over the last 20 years, they have not for children in families in which no adult is in paid employment.
"This is shocking and underlines for me even more starkly why our crusade for full employment in our generation is so important".
And Mr Hain gets paid by the taxpayer! It took a study in the BMJ to wake him up to this basic fact of life. So how about making being unemployed just that little bit less of a lifestyle choice? Hows about cutting regulation on small businesses, rather than making employing people more expensive. If you really cared about the unemployed you would do something that would allow the market to employ more of them rather than tie its hands with increased costs and more and more absurd regulations. But no. What is it you plan to do?

Oh yes, increase the public sector, your client state. Further leaching off the wealth generating aspects of our country into the dead hand of intervention. Damn it, Mr Hain, but you are either thick, blind or dishonest. I have met you; I am sure you are not blind. I have heard you before; I am sure you are not stupid. So by a simple piece of deduction you must be dishonest.

Now where do I find a number for the local tumbril service?



Like the rest of the scum who stirred up, and aided violence in south africa, with the advent of the wonderful,careing, vibrant state of mandelatopia,he could not get out fast enough, it seems that it is one thing to champion the cause of those poor oppressed negroes,another to want to live with them, and now not a word on the terror that he helped to unleash upon the white south african,he really should have stayed since now all the revolutionary communists have multi-million pound houses,and embezel to thier hearts content.

The Aunt said...

I've never liked Peter Hain since he woke me up one morning by doing carpentry outside my bedroom door. I was already peeved at him for double-hatting, but the carpentry was the last straw. (Don't ask. I have bizarre dreams).

Unlike Englishman, though, I'll give him his dues on the anti-apartheid struggle.