Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Helmer accuses Goldsmith of being "green entryist"

Roger Helmer is often getting into trouble with Tory high command. The avuncular chairman of the Freedom Association and serial rebel is for example the only Tory MEP who is fulfilling David Cameron's promise of not being in the EPP whilst taking the Conservative whip. A distinction gained through obstinacy, principle (and not a little political blackmail).

Today however he has done it again with a sideswipe at the David Cameron's Conservatives' current love affair with greenery yallery.

At a conference in the Brussels Parliament discussing tax competition he rounded on Zac Goldsmith in answer to a question from the floor,
"You mentioned Zac Goldsmith. Well in the seventies the labour Party had a problem with entryism by Marxists who took over sections of the Labour Party. I
fear that in the 21st Century the Conservative Party has a problem of entryism
with Greens and its something we need to watch out for".

There again, his attitude has been mentioned before, but maybe in not such a forthright fashion.

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