Tuesday, October 09, 2007

He was young, he was foolish

Here we have a short video of His Imperial Highness, Commission President, Jose Manuel Barroso.

It is 1976, in Portugal, and the rising star of the Marxist-Leninist Student’s Federation – FEML-, the youth structure of the Reorganizing Movement of the Proletarian Party – MRPP, is explaining that imposing the so called “student civic service” is “the evidence of the crises of the bourgeois education system”, and therefore, “an anti-proletarian and anti-popular measure”.

Hat tip to Miguel Sacadura Cabral Portas MEP, from his blog Sem Muros. Mr Portas also provides this 'freehand' translation,
"N.T. This is a free translation of the very confusing statement of young Barroso, that would be rather incomprehensible if we had chosen to make a literal translation.
“I believe that the proposal approved today, in this plenary, on the applicants to the first year [in university] and presented by the revolutionary students’ commission, is an entirely fair proposal. It is a proposal aiming on the right direction of the combat, made within a revolutionary structure. It demands to the governmental authorities the immediate admission of the students and stresses the lawfulness of this admission. We have to take into consideration that the issue of the “students’
civic service” had already been discussed last year [1975]. The Education and Research Ministery, lets call it as such, is supporting the “students’ civic service” act. This act is the symptom of the crisis of the bourgeois Education System! This act is entirely wrong, anti-proletarian and anti-popular! It throws students against workers and workers against students.”

Err... what to say?

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