Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Countries might act in own National interest: Its a disgrace I tell you

Eu Observer is reporting on an interview given by HIH Barosso to the Flemish daily de Standaard. EU Referendum picks up the story as it appears that the German's have got a little upset about the Emperor's lesse majestie,

But they missed my favourite comment from HIH,

"The danger exists that the governments will handle problems among themselves, without taking into account the European institutions," said the Portuguese politician."

Some member states do not accept that there is an European interest, which is different from a compromise between member states. I constantly explain to the British that the common market, in which they are the champions, is impossible without strong European institutions, such as the Commission, the European Parliament and the European Court [of Justice]."

What's that countries deciding stuff for themselves, shouldn't happen. Working together for their own mutual interest without daddy Europe holding their hands...Impossible.

What the silly goose doesn't seem to comprehend it that member states do understand that there is a European interest. It is just that they feel that the European interest is not in fact in their interest.

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A Free Man said...

It is a disgrace that these overfed political hacks thnik they have any authority over us.

Come the day of vengeance against all these lickspittles, hacks and traitors.