Monday, September 17, 2007

A little bit of heaven

Sitting here, listening to Spaceman 3, with a glass of Pouilly Fume in hand and a slice of the world's finest cheese just about at my elbow.

If you happen to be in London and have a hour or so to waste make your way to the Strand and feast yourself on the current exhibition being held at the Courtauld Institute.

Despite the title of the show being a little bit naf, and some of the merchandising being frankly beneath them,

is like the gallery that houses it, small but perfctly but pefectly balanced.

That this is the first major exhibition of his work ever put on in the UK is nothing short of extraordinary. It, as the title suggests, hangs on the masterpiece Adam and Eve,

and includes a wide range of both his painted, engraved and pen and ink works. With a few of his near contemporary's Albrecht Durer for good measure the show has the feeling of stumbling into a jewel casket.

Sometimes though I do wish curators would treat as if they had both eyes to see and hearts to feel as the painting notes are about as trite as warnings on supermarket nuts.

Cranach was a close friend of Luther, thus he must be a misogynist.
Anybody who could produce this work, ( A Faun and his Family, lent by the Getty )cannot blame all the ills of the world on female kind as is suggested in the blurb. Fashionable ideas of feminist counter phallocentricity are ill placed beside such sublime work.


JolietJake said...

Pouilly Fume eh? a good choice and thanks for the cheese tip

Elaib said...

Really, the cheese is second to none