Friday, September 21, 2007

Get your conclusions sorted, then have a conference

A press release from the Commission flags up a conference being held here in Brussels today.
To be fair the title of the conference rather gives the game away,
"Languages mean business"

Nontheless one would hope that the organisers would have the decency not to put out this,
"English alone is not enough as a catalyst for business. This is one of the main conclusions of a major conference "Languages mean business", that is going on in Brussels on 21 September".

Given that the conference isn't yet over it is odd for the conclusions to be trailed in this way.


El Draque said...

Are they sure they know what they are creating? According to a claim I saw recently, euro-sceptics are more likely to be multi-lingual than are euro-philes. Which is cause and which is effect? Or is it just coincidence?

Elaib said...

Ah the Hannan meme, from my experience here there is somne truth to it, but sadly not in my own case