Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Are they taking the piss?

Into my inbox comes an invitation,

World Suicide Prevention Day
11 September 2007

OK so suicide is a shocker. But let us look a bit deeper,
The risk factors for suicide are mental illness, social problems, drug and alcohol consumption and access to firearms. In addition to the great distress caused to families and friends the community also suffers economic damage. In some cases –so-called extended suicide, e.g. persons running amok, suicide assassinations, many uninvolved people are also killed.
So this event is taking place on 9/11 and they mention "suicide assasinations". All I can see in my mind's eye are those images of people jumping to their deaths from the World Trade Centre. Would they consider them 'assisted suicides'?

Are the terrorist that killed dozens in London suicide assasins under the terms of this? If so, and I think they are, then surely along with drugs, drink and so on, should not easy access to radical Islam come under the list of risk factors.

And which blithering insensitive idiot at the WHO thought that September the 11th was a good date for this event?

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Tom Joad said...

What about 'inflicted suicides'? I think the whole idea behind these things is warped. Preventing suicide is certainly an altruistic motive, but how many fewer people do you reckon commit suicide on the day? My guess would be none. Probably more, knowing how bloody-minded people can be.