Friday, August 31, 2007

Yet another admission that it is indeed the Constitution

It is really getting quite untenable for Gordon Brown to continue his deciet.
Yesterday the Conference of Presidents, the organising body of the European Parliament had its first meeting after the the summer recess.
And what was on the agenda?

Conference of Presidents
Thursday 30 August 2007

Organisational arrangements for the ‘Citizens’ Forum’/Agora meetings in 2007

The Conference agreed to postpone the holding of the first Citizens’ forum on the Constitutional Treaty issues from 18-19 October to 8-9 November 2007. (My Italics)

So it now seems that even the institutions of the European Union have given up pretending that it is the "Reform Treaty" or that as we are told by Brown, Milliband et al, that it is just a tidying up excercise with all constitutional aspects removed.

can we have our referendum please?

Hat Tip, from regular commentator Nick

It appears that the Daily Mail has spotted this, but as ever did not credit UKIP with the find.

"Eurosceptics last night seized on an apparent admission that the new treaty is regarded as the same as the old constitution in Brussels.

Publishing an agenda for discussion, the leaders of the European Parliament, the Conference of Presidents, referred to it as the "constitutional treaty" - exactly the same label given to the 2005 blueprint".

Update II
This remarkable statment of intent has today (Saturday) been picked up by the Telegraph as well, though this time to their credit they do source the information to UKIP,
"Yesterday, it emerged that an internal European Parliament minute referred to "the Constitutional Treaty" - a fact highlighted by Nigel Farage, leader of the UK Independence Party".

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