Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Unlucky for some.

Ok so we have it bad, very bad. That is according to the Adam Smith institute Tax Freedom in the UK is June 1st. Or you are working a full 5 months (edit) for the Government before you are working for yourself.

But spare a thought for the poor Germans. The German version of the Taxpayers Alliance is the Bund der Steuerzahler and they have calculated that the Teutons Tax Freedom day is Friday July the 13th.
"Tax Freedom Day 2007 is on Friday, 13 July. Studies by the Taxpayer Federation found that Germans starting working for their own purses on this day work starting from this day. The Everything earned before this date, goes straight to the state. Last year the Tax Freedom Day was on 5 July. Thus the day has moved eight day back".
Poor sods

Of course if you are a European Civil Servant or Eurocrat your tax freedom is a more palatable March 6th


Anonymous said...

"Tax Freedom in the UK is June 1st. Or you are working a full 6months for the Government"

Er... that would be 5 months.

Elaib said...


Thank you for the elementary maths lesson. I stand, humbled and corrected.