Saturday, July 21, 2007

London, an encomium

Thinking of the London Mayoralty and passing through the St Stephen's entrance of the Palace of Westminster earlier this week, my eyes alighted, as thy often do on the wonderful fresco map of London set alongside the first flight of steps.

In the border of the map are painted the following words, taken from William Dunbar's (approx 1520) poem 'In honour of the City of London,
“London, thou art of townes, a per se sovereign of cities, semeliest in sight;
Of high renoun, riches and royaltie;
Of lordis, barons, and many a goodly knyght;
Of most delectable lusty ladies bright;
Of famous prelates in habitis clericall;
Of merchants full of substance and of myght;
London thou art the flour of cities all”.
Now come along Boris, let that be an ambition for you.

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